IT57-BU01 :: LibraryHouze Condo Management System for the Smart Living


Condominium Management System, Case study with Library Houze, is designed to correct and betterment the current problems in condominium management: almost of tasks are done manually, and most of Condominiums do not have any specific system as a means to communicate with the residents. This system is developed for condo’s staffs in a web application and residents in both of web applications and native mobile applications which can be exported in both mobile platforms to support the diversity of the residents in the condominium.
tools & techniques
Languages: JSP/Servlet, Javascript, HTML and CSS, jQuery, AJAX Database: MySQL Tools:TinyMCE,, DataTable, GitHub, PhpMyAdmin Web and Database Servers: Tomcat - Ubuntu Platform: Ionic and Angular
Mr.Kritsana Sritantimakorn
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Mr.Adinan Soseesuk
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Mr.Teerayut Buntuang
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Pichet Limvachiranan
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