IT62-BU43 :: War of the Four Kingdoms: The Game

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War of the Four Kingdoms is the turn-based strategy online multiplayer card game with cooperating or betrayal playstyle depends on the role you got. About feature details, there are public/private room system (depends on host who choose the type), real-time in-game chat system and avatar system which you can pick decoration to decorate your own avatar to display in the game room.
tools & techniques
Front-end • Language: HTML5, CSS, JavaScript, Typescript • Framework: Angular • Multiplayer Library: Back-end • Language: PHP • Framework: Laravel • Multiplayer Library: Database • Database: MySQL Infrastructure • OS: Ubuntu • Webserver: NGINX • Cloud Service Provider: Microsoft Azure • Container Management: Docker • Container Repository: Dockerhub • CI/CD: GitHub Actions • Other Tool: Terraform Development tools • Code Editor: Visual Studio Code • API Testing: Postman • Version Control Repository: GitHub • Design: Figma • Drawing: NovelAI, Midjourney • Project Management: Discor
MR.Phichitphol Boonyakanok
รหัสนักศึกษา 62130500068
MR.Phopthorn Patcharoen
รหัสนักศึกษา 62130500070
MR.Attapon Jeamjumroensuk
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Kittiphan Puapholthep