Airview is an all-in-one environmental platform, offering a user-friendly website that provides a holistic environmental experience. Central to its interface is an intuitive dashboard that prominently showcases the Air Quality Index (AQI) alongside a wealth of other pertinent environmental data. Leveraging the AQI, Airview delivers personalized recommendations for outdoor activities and health precautions, ensuring users make informed decisions. Furthermore, it offers real-time rain notifications and keeps users abreast of the latest weather forecasts, ensuring they are well-prepared for changing weather conditions. To deepen the environmental experience, the website provides comprehensive analytics on various environmental data, including insightful AQI forecast graphs. And for those seeking answers to common questions, Airview hosts a dedicated FAQ section. With its array of services and information, Airview empowers users with essential environmental insights.

Study Of Crop Land Affected By Biomass Burning In Chiang Rai From 2018 To 2023 with Google Earth’s Dynamic World

Thailand faces critical air quality challenges due to extensive burning practices for agricultural waste and forest clearing, leading to hazardous PM2.5 levels. These traditional agricultural activities, primarily driven by poverty among farmers and the demand for agricultural products, significantly contribute to the country's ongoing air pollution crisis. This study investigates the temporal changes and spatial extent of crop land affected by biomass burning in Chiang Rai, Thailand, leveraging Google Earth Engine's Dynamic World dataset.

Postures Corrector And Autograding System For A Telerehabilitation

This project introduces a system designed to enhance tele-rehabilitation. We developed a mobile application that utilizes a combination of computer vision, and machine learning to simplify physical therapy for patients and doctors. With our system, patients can perform therapy exercises at home and receive immediate feedback on their mobile devices. The app also shares their progress with doctors, streamlining the process for everyone involved.


A mobile application that helps the user plan a travel itinerary customized to their needs. Use our chatbot feature to converse with artificial intelligence to plan the perfect trip together, or send a picture, and let our machine learning algorithm plan a trip according to their general mood. Then, edit the trip to match your preference using our trip editor, and let our map guide you on your trip.

MagicMarket - Magic The Gathering Trading card game in Thailand

MagicMarket: Your top destination for seamlessly matching, showcasing, and selling second-hand Magic: The Gathering cards. With advanced object recognition technology, we guarantee a precise and effortless listing experience, making MagicMarket the ultimate platform for enthusiasts to showcase and sell their collections.


TravelKit is a mobile application that assists individuals in navigating through public transportation options like buses, sky trains, subways, boats, and mini trucks to reach their desired destinations. Users can access information such as pricing, travel duration, and the number of transfers involved in their chosen route. Additionally, the application includes a feature enabling users to share their routes with one another.

FocusFlow: Elevating Pomodoro Focus

An advanced activity management application aimed at enhancing users' time management and productivity. FocusFlow allows users to customize and initiate timers for their activity lists, fostering focused work sessions. The seamless integration with Google Calendar offers a unified view of scheduled events and prioritized activities, ensuring efficient time allocation. The intuitive dashboard provides users with a visual summary of completed activities, enabling them to track progress and make decisions for continuous improvement.


DuckDuck application is a smart sunrise alarm clock that utilizes a smart bulb to assist late-night sleepers in aligning their circadian rhythms with their sleep behavior. Beyond its primary function as an alarm clock, the device incorporates a sleep clinic feature. This feature employs sound and light control to create an optimal sleep environment, providing a holistic approach to addressing irregular sleep behavior.


A user-friendly application developed to support artists. Besides a creative space for artists to freely share their works, artists can access growth and engagement information for strategic content optimization. Moreover, this platform introduces a 'support' feature, enabling users to express appreciation and direct support to artists. Join Picme! the space that you can share and find the freedom.

Kinder: Mobile application for sharing and donating items

Kinder is an application for finding & sharing unused items. Reduce Waste with Circular Economy Sharing! In the pandemic rush and monthly promotions, excess online shopping creates unused items turning into waste. Our solution: an online platform promoting Circular Economy. Share unused items to prevent new waste.

Tracing The History Of Blood Sample Collection: An Analysis Of Historical Data

This project is aim to find the trend and pattern of blood sample collection in specific time. And seeks to identify particular populations that may gain the most from at-home blood collection services.

Mu telu : Palm print recognition and horoscope on mobile

Our mobile application will help users to find instant answers to questions regarding life, love, work, and more to providing personalized horoscope and life path based on real-time recognition of palm prints.

Tell me: Menu Recommender

Tell me is an application that focuses on helping users control their daily nutritional intake and recommending menus that are most suitable for meals based on gender, age, and goals of the user and brings a display that can summarize the total amount of nutrients received through three dashboards: daily, weekly, and monthly, allowing users to track and be informed. the amount of nutrients they received in their live.

LongDOO: virtual fitting room mobile application

LongDOO is an application for purchasing clothing without physically going to the store. So that customers will not be disappointed in purchasing clothes from our store because our application will recommend the right size for customers, quality that matches the description, and customers can see the overall composition of the clothes before making a purchasing decision. Customers can choose to buy products and wait to receive them at their own homes with just their fingertips.